About Me! Lindsay Bozek, author, Whole Self Growth Blog

Hi! Thanks for clicking over to read about me. I'm just a regular woman, making my way through the world day by day. I have an interest and passion for self improvement, mental health, and lots of other topics that you might see here from time to time. 

*Please note that while I am not a therapist or medical provider, I have a personal interest in providing useful and accurate information about mental health issues. I myself have lived with anxiety for many years. I also worked in community mental health for over 10 years and have trained in substance use counseling. I will link to expert sources whenever possible, and I encourage anyone reading here to seek professional advice whenever they are concerned for their mental health or that of their loved ones.

10 Things About me that you might want to know: 

I'm a giant introvert. I need regular time outs from people. My favorite people are the people who understand this. 🙂 

I like to be in charge. In my day job – I'm the boss. With my business/blog – I'm the boss. I'm always more comfortable when I can control things. 

I have two awesome kids and a husband who is one of the people I mention in #1. Seriously, I have the best people around me. 

I'm artistic, and enjoy crafting, painting, and creating. I just don't do it often enough and tend to quit learning new crafts if I'm not automatically good at them. My most recent favorite creative outlet is photography. I bought a used Canon DSLR and I'm having a blast with it. 

I have anxiety/panic disorder. I write about this often because I want to share my coping skills with others who live with this. 

I am a virtual assistant. I like to help other bloggers manage their businesses. Contact me for more info. I'm also happy to share with you how you can start a VA business too! 

I am a firm believer in the power of the side hustle. The internet is a HUGE place. Everyone can make money here if they try. 

I'm also a firm believe in the power of personal development. Everybody has room to improve parts of their life. You just have to put forth a little bit of effort. 

I hoard office supplies  – specifically journals, fancy pens, and washi tape!

I'm bad at housekeeping, but I LOVE home improvement. I'm hoping to share some of our DIY projects here for you soon.  (Here's that time when I painted the fireplace. I've been working on this room for a couple of years now. Almost done!) 

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